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All such complaints should be taken seriously and discussed with managers or others within the workplace about how to respond. If the workplace has a policy and response plan against bullying, harassment and violence in the workplace, it should include a document on how to respond to the complaint.

If there is not, criteria can be found in the Regulation on Measures Against Bullying, Harassment or Violence or in the brochure We Do Not Tolerate Bullying, Violence, Harassment.

When there are 10-49 employees, special parties have to handle occupational health and safety issues. The employer is obliged, if they are not the Safety Officer themselves, to appoint a Safety Officer from among the management. Then the employees must elect a Safety Representative from their group.

If there are more than 50 employees, the employer shall appoint two Safety Officers and the employees shall elect two Safety Representatives from among themselves. Then the group is called a Safety Committee.

Further information can be found here.

In order to obtain a license for heavy machinery, it is necessary to take a theoretical course on the operation and handling of heavy machinery. A preliminary course entitles you to take a practical exam on smaller types of heavy machinery. A basic course entitles you to take a practical exam on all types of heavy machinery.

After the theoretical course, practical training takes place under the guidance of a person who has the required qualifications. You can also get training and take practical exams in a heavy machinery simulator at the AOSH.

At the end of the practical training at the workplace, a practical exam takes place, which is applied for here on the website. A valid photo ID must be shown before the exam. On completion of a practical exam, a heavy machinery license is issued, granting the right to operate a specified heavy machinery.

In addition to the traditional version of heavy machinery certificates, it is also possible to get issued a digital machine certificate. The digital machine certificate appears in the app and from there it can be downloaded into the “wallet” of smart devices that supports it.

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