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Emergency Response Plan
Emergency Response Plan

The employer is responsible for taking the necessary actions regarding first aid, firefighting and evacuation of staff in accordance with the nature of the operations and the size of the workplace. This is part of the workplace prevention plan.

The content of an emergency response plan depends on the nature of the operations and the work environment. The employer decides which employees they entrust with the implementation of the planned measures, but their number and training depend on the size of the workplace and the nature of the operations.

The plan must include measures that in the event of an imminent risk of injury to health or accidents at work, such as air pollution, toxic, flammable or dangerous substances, the risk of falling or the risk of explosion, the operations will be stopped or people removed from danger. The employer shall also ensure that employees can take appropriate measures themselves if their safety or the safety of others is compromised.

Furthermore, the emergency response plan shall provide for first aid kits to be accessible to staff and other first aid equipment in the event of accidents that are typical of the nature of the operations. Their storage areas must be well marked and ensured that they are inspected regularly.

The employer shall inform all parties concerned of the risk and the measures that have been taken or are to be taken for prevention purposes.