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Boilers & Pressure Equipment

One of the AOSH’s tasks is to register and inspect boilers and pressure equipment used for various tasks in the food industry, in hospitals, in dry cleaners, in breweries and other places.

Boilers and pressure equipment can be of various shapes and sizes, but are often operated at high pressure which can create a great deal of danger.

In all cases, the instructions from the manufacturers of the boilers in question must be followed when inspecting them. The Regulation on the Use of Equipment and the Regulation on Pressure Equipment shall also be complied with. Boilers are also subject to regulations on the monitoring of factories and machines.

Boilers are categorized into autoclaves, steamer, steam boilers and heaters registered in the machine register in registration categories ZA and ZF which are inspected every three years and ZB, ZD and ZE which are inspected annually. If an inspection indicates that a thickness measurement or crack search needs to be carried out, the work shall be carried out by an independent party who submits a report on measurements.

When installing new boilers, they must always be CE-marked and manufactured according to unified standards. A notification of the installation of a boiler shall be submitted to the AOSH, which shall carry out an inspection after installation, but before use begins. During major repairs to boilers, a major inspection shall be carried out.

Boiler supervisors must have sufficient education and knowledge to handle their operation, in accordance with Article 40 of the Regulation on the Inspection of Factories and Machinery and Articles 6 and 8 of the Regulation on the Use of Equipment. They shall be present at the inspection and in the case of an electrode boiler, the electrician of the boiler shall also be present at the inspection.