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Elevators & Escalators


The AOSH monitors elevators and escalators in Iceland. In general, the Regulation on Machinery and Technical Equipment applies to the import and installation of elevators. Special rules have been set for registration, installation and inspection of different types of elevators.

Nordic Cooperation

The Icelandic AOSH is an active member in Nordic cooperation regarding elevators and escalators on behalf of Iceland. This cooperation aims to prepare standards regarding elevators and other lifting equipment that is not addressed in European or other International standards. These nordic standards become Icelandic standards when they are officially published.

Passenger & Service Elevators

Passenger and service elevators in buildings that are designed to transport people and goods between floors are subject to the Regulation on Elevators and Safety Components for Elevators, the Regulation on Passenger Elevators and Passenger and Service Elevators and the Regulation on Registration, Inspection and Supervision of Elevators and Elevator Equipment for Transporting People and Goods.

Passenger elevators must be registered before they are installed and must be inspected by an independent party before they are put into use. Service elevators, food elevators, wheelchair elevators and escalators are inspected by the AOSH before they are taken into use. Service and food elevators are inspected every other year, while wheelchair elevators and escalators are inspected annually.

When registering a new passenger elevator, the installer must submit a completed form for registration of the elevator, a declaration of conformity from the manufacturer, a final inspection certificate from an independent party (if applicable) and a service agreement between the owner and installer which stipulates, among other things, the number of visits for service and monitoring inspections.

Please Note

Once all the documents have been received, the AOSH issues a declaration of completion. The use of an elevator is not permitted before a declaration of completion has been issued.

In the event of a change of owner or supervisor of the elevator, the supervisor shall notify the AOSH. A new service agreement must then be received with the name and ID number of the new supervisor or owner of the elevator.

The AOSH may demand a revision of a service agreement if it is not satisfactory according to Paragraphs 2-4 of Article 6 of the Regulation on Registration, Inspection and Supervision of Elevators and Elevator Equipment for the Transport of People and Goods, prohibit the use of elevators or impose daily fines if the provisions of the service agreement are not complied with.

Car Lifts

Car lifts are elevators designed to lift vehicles. They are of various types, either hydraulic lifts or wire lifts. They can be two post, four post and the posts can also be independent.

Car lifts are registered before they are installed and inspected every other year by the AOSH.

Ski Lifts

Ski lifts are cable cars, tow lifts and chair lifts where passengers travel between terminals at ski resorts.

Ski lifts are registered before they are installed or moved and inspected annually by the AOSH.