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Machinery & Equipment

A mobile work machine is a device that can move under its own power and is used to perform specific tasks. The AOSH monitors registered heavy machinery in Iceland.

The role of the AOSH is to ensure that everyone gets home safe and sound, and therefore the focus is on how to prevent risk factors in the work environment of workplaces. With effective monitoring of heavy machinery, we ensure the safety and health of employees and others and promote increased safety when using machines.

Registration & Inspection

The registration and inspection of heavy machinery is subject to the rules on the registration and inspection of mobile work machinery and heavy machinery.

The owners of heavy machinery play an important role in ensuring the highest level of safety and good working conditions and hygiene in the workplace. Heavy machinery is part of the work environment for many employers and they must therefore take care of the safety of the machines in order to ensure the safety of their employees.

Machinery owners have a great responsibility to have all their machines inspected and they must book an annual inspection. In addition, the owner must request an inspection before and after significant repairs and alterations to the structural work of the machinery.

Book an Inspection

The AOSH’s inspectors are located all over the country and receive requests for inspections and you can request inspections by contacting us at 550-4600, by sending an email to or by booking an inspection through our website below. You can book an inspection of a particular device on the information page of each machine on My Pages.

Employers must comply with standards, provisions of laws and regulations as well as the AOSH’s instructions regarding the environment, hygiene and safety of machinery and other equipment in the work environment.

If employers do not request an inspection of their heavy machinery, the AOSH takes the initiative to inspect the machines.

The AOSH encourages machinery owners to pay close attention to whether their machines have been inspected and to request an inspection in good time.

Frequently Asked Questions

On the AOSH’s registration website.

The price of an inspection of heavy machinery/equipment depends on the size and type of machinery. See more in the AOSH tariff.

Heavy machinery must be inspected annually. In addition, machinery must be inspected before and after repairs and structural changes.

You can book an inspection of heavy machinery here.