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Special Monitoring and Service Work

The tariff is published by the Ministry of Social Affairs and advertised as tariff no. 1600/2001 in the Government Gazette. Subsequent changes are advertised separately in the Government Gazette. If there is a difference in price here on the site and in the Government Gazette, the advertised price in the Government Gazette applies.

“Owners or possessors of regulated mobile work machinery, heavy machinery, farming machinery, lifts, steam boilers and water heating systems shall pay an annual fee to the State Treasury for registration and inspection of such machinery and equipment in accordance with this tariff. The owners or possessors of regulated enterprises shall in the same way pay for various types of ancillary services of the Administration of Occupational Safety and Health.”

Unit price of tariff according to the Advertisement in the Government Gazette from 11 January 2021 is ISK 2,785.

The fee for the change of ownership of machinery is ISK 3,900.

Overview of chargeable equipment categories and services, with the price units of each category

Cat.Machine/Service Price UnitPrice
1ABConstruction cranes (tower cranes) >18 tm 13,638.876,-
2AHHarbor cranes, industrial cranes, > 18 tm17,147.624,-
3BBLattice boom cranes on belts > 18 tm17,147.624,-
4BGLattice boom cranes on wheels > 18 tm17,147.624,-
5BHTruck cranes > 18 tm8,222.837,-
6BSHydraulic cranes with telescopic boom > 18 tm10,228.407,-
7CAHarbor cranes < 18 tm6,919.217,-
8CBBridge cranes8,222.837,-
9CDOverhead cranes, pulleys and freight winches5,415.039,-
10CIIndustrial cranes, < 18 tm7,520.888,-
11DAMobile cranes, < 18 tm822.280,-
12DKBasket cranes7,621.166,-
13DSConcrete pump cranes7,621.166,-
14EAExcavators on wheels w/360° rotation6,718.660,-
15EBExcavators on belts6,718.660,-
16EHExcavators on wheels6,718.660,-
17EKExcavators on wheels, not for traffic6,718.660,-
18FBBelt shovels6,718.660,-
19FHWheel loaders6,718.660,-
21GSDrilling rig, larger type7,721.445,-
22HVMotor graders719.495,-
23IAAirport towing vehicles4,612.811,-
24IBSweepers, snow plows, snow blowers4,612.811,-
25IDTractors with equipment616.710,-
26IFTransport equipment e.g. dumpers that do not go faster than 30 km/h. load capacity >5 t4,612.811,-
27IISpecially equipped industrial machinery4,612.811,-
28IMExcavators, loader shovels, smaller type616.710,-
30ITPushback tugs4,612.811,-
31JFLyfting equipment, multi-purpose equipment lifting capacity ≤ 5t5,214.482,-
32JLForklifts, lifting capacity ≥ 1.2 t but ≤ 10 t, lifting height> 0.4 m and operator can travel with.4,311.976,-
33JVAirport lifting work platforms 5,214.482,-
34KGForklifts > 10 t lifting capacity616.710,-
35KLLifting equipment, multi-purpose equipment lifting capacity > 5t616.710,-
36LSRollers, autonomous513.925,-
37MMAsphalt-laying machines, cutter, autonomous3,810.583,-
38NBCar lifts719.495,-
39NCCar lifts, hydraulic411.140,-
40NFPassenger lifts7,621.166,-
41NFPassenger lifts - Installation audit11,632.306,-
42NGPassenger and freight lifts7,621.166,-
43NGPassenger and freight lifts - Installation audit11,632.306,-
44NHWheelchair lifts513.925,-
45NHWheelchair lifts, grand inspection6,317.546,-
46NMService lifts, load capacity < 100 kg8,623.951,-
49NREscalators, grand inspection7,621.166,-
50NVFreight lifts6,317.546,-
51NVFreight lifts, iinstallation audit6,317.546,-
52NLLifts of a special type7,621.166,-
53OBCableways for skiers9,727.015,-
55OTTow lifts15,944.282,-
56PHLoading cranes < 18 tm8,222.837,-
57RBDrilling rigs, smaller type5,415.039,-
58RMDrilling rigs, smaller type5,415.039,-
59RSDrilling rigs, larger type10,228.407,-
60SARollers, sweepers, plows, blowers an other towed equipment4,512.533,-
61SBLifting and hydraulic equipment of vehicles5,515.318,-
62SDGarden sprinklers and similar equipment4,512.533,-
63SEMachines connected to a vehicle, smaller type4,512.533,-
66SILarge carousels, larger equipment1233.420,-
67SJSmall carousels, smaller equipment7,520.888,-
68SKPlayground equipment, smaller type411.140,-
69SLPlayground equipment, smallest type38.355,-
70SMLifting equipment walking or standing on a platform, lifting capacity ≥ 1.2 t, lifting height> 0.4 m and <2.5 m3,59.748,-
71SNTransport equipment that operator travels with, lifting capacity ≥ 1.000 kg, lifting height < 0,4 m3,59.748,-
72VAContainer frames411.140,-
73VBLifting work platforms < 150 kg lifting capacity38.355,-
74VDPallet cabinets, hangers3,59.748,-
75VHBaskets for hoisting people and lifting people38.355,-
76VLLifting work platforms > 150 kg lifting capacity and construction lifts 719.495,-
77VPHanging work platforms719.495,-
78XAPressure cartridges/containers, grand inspection14,239.547,-
79XAPressure cartridges/containers, regular inspection9,727.015,-
80XBPressure cartridges/containers, grand inspection14,239.547,-
81XBPressure cartridges/containers, regular inspection9,727.015,-
82XDPressure cartridges/containers, grand inspection14,239.547,-
83XDPressure cartridges/containers, regular inspection9,727.015,-
84YAPressure cartridges/containers, grand inspection14,239.547,-
85YAPressure cartridges/containers, regular inspection9,727.015,-
86YBPressure cartridges/containers, grand inspection14,239.547,-
87YBPressure cartridges/containers, regular inspection9,727.015,-
88YDPressure cartridges/containers, grand inspection14,239.547,-
89YDPressure cartridges/containers, regular inspection9,727.015,-
90ZASteam boilers 1, grand inspection9,727.015,-
91ZASteam boilers 1, annual inspection9,727.015,-
92ZBSteam boilers 2, grand inspection2055.700,-
93ZBSteam boilers 2, annual inspection1233.520,-
94ZDSteam boilers 3, grand inspection38105.830,-
95ZDSteam boilers 3, annual inspection21,559.878,-
96ZESteam boilers 4, grand inspection38105.830,-
97ZESteam boilers 4, annual inspection21,559.878,-
98ZFWater heating systems513.925,-
99ZGDrinking water containers1,54.178,-
100Gas measurement, 1. tank7,621.170,-
101Gas measurement, each container after the first1,13.060,-
102Certification of compressive tes411.140,-
106Practical exam on heavy machinery3,59.750,-
107Practical exam on the use of explosives2,98.080,-
108Issuance of certificates for the management of mobile machinery2,87.800,-
109Reissuance of certificates for the management of mobile machinery and the entry of new certifications2,87.800,-
110Registration of heavy machinery1027.850,-
111Change in ownership of heavy machinery1,43.900,-
112New ADR certificate, certificate for vocational training411.140,-
113Reissuance of ADR certificates, certificates for vocational training411.140,-
114Registration of lifts in categories NF and NG5,515.318,-

Training sessions and exams in a simulator

For one training session16.810 ISK/session
For two training sessions15.755 ISK/session
For three training sessions14.710 ISK/session
For four training sessions or more12.610 ISK/session
Practical exam9.750 ISK

ADR Courses

Preliminary course3 daysTransportation of piece goods, other than explosives or radioactive materials71.500,-
Tank transportation2 daysTransport in tanks (e.g. oil, petrol, tar)43.200,-
Explosive substances (cat. 1)1 dayTransportation of explosive substances20.000,-
Radioactive substances (cat. 7)1 dayTransportation of radioactive materials20.000,-

The issuance of ADR certificates is paid for separately, cf. Tariff for special monitoring and service work of the Administration of Occupational Safety and Health, items 112 and 113.

ADR Retraining

Preliminary course1 day29.500,-
Tank transportation1 day22.700,-
Explosive substances (cat. 1)1 day20.000,-
Radioactive substances (cat. 7)1 day20.000,-

A discount is granted if companies take care of housing, teaching equipment and registration (provision) of students.

Safety Representative Course

Occupational safety training for Safety Representatives and Safety Officers Online courses42.700,-

Occupational Health and Safety Service Providers

Occupational Health and Safety Service Providers12 days98.500,-

Various Short Occupational Health and Safety Courses

Risk assessment for small businesses, Chemical use in laboratories, Chemical use in the workplace and risk assessment, Fall prevention - work at height, Work in an enclosed space, Occupational safety course for foremen3 hrs18.500,-
Bullying - policy and response plan, Exercise at work,2 hrs15.400,-
1 hrs12.300,-
Risk assessment - preliminary course4 hrs23.200,-
Boiler maintenance6 hrs27.900,-

Heavy Machinery Courses

Construction crane course44.700,-
Construction crane course in a foreign language56.300,-
Preliminary course49.500,-
Preliminary course in a foreign language60.000,-

If a special request is made for a heavy machinery course to be held after 16:00 or on weekends, a 40% surcharge is imposed on them. Travel expenses are paid by the applicant.
Courses in foreign languages have a surcharge.

Other Courses that Provide Certifications

Course on handling explosives121.900,-
Course on handling asbestos20.500,-

Outsourced Services

Specialist lectures*

Specialist lecture - 1 hr52.860,-
Specialist lecture - 2 hrs79.285,-
Specialist lecture - 3 hrs95.140,-
Repeated lecture from the same party - 1 hr34.625,-

*Travel expenses, when applicable, are paid by the applicant.

Measurements – Chemicals and Hygiene **

Single measurement35.220,-
Measurements for a whole day64.010,-

Measurements by Inspectors from the Administration of Occupational Safety and Health **

Noise measurement11.140,-
Brightness measurements11.140,-
Indoor air measurements - one day11.140,-
Indoor air measurements - one week19.500,-
Gas measurement - 1 tank21.170,-
Gas measurement after 1st tank3.060,-
Certification of compressive test11.140,-

** Travel costs are paid by the applicant and also – where applicable – analysis costs of samples.

Other Services

Confirmation of foreign certifications 9.470,-

Electronic Dissemination of Information From the Heavy Machinery Register

Electronic communicationPrice
Access fee for electronic access269.250,-
Electronic access, each registration number18,-
Electronic access, each ID number475,-
List of specific categories of heavy machinery/equipment10.340,-
List of all categories of heavy machinery/equipment15.520,-
Market figures for the week7.755,-
Market figures for the month10.600,-
Market figures for the year15.520,-

Payment and Business Terms