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The Administration of Occupational Safety and Health’s Payment and Business Terms

These payment terms apply to all products or services that the AOSH offers at any given time. Individuals must pay for all goods and services, either by debit card or credit card. Companies can receive an invoice if requested, except in the case of a change of ownership of equipment, in which case a parallel notification must be paid to the AOSH.

Special Rules for Course Fees

The course fee must be paid before the start of the course and registration is not considered valid until payment has been made. You can choose from the following payment methods:

  • Credit/debit card
  • On credit (available for companies only)

The receipt of an application for course participation is confirmed by email and the applicant receives a reminder via SMS about the course. Courses at the AOSH are taught either via online teaching, via teleconferencing equipment (Teams) or on-site studies. Those who take courses through teleconferencing equipment will receive a link to the course by email. If such confirmation has not been received by the applicant before the course is due to begin, it is important to contact the AOSH at tel. 550 4600 or by email at

The AOSH reserves the right to cancel or postpone courses if a sufficient number of participants is not reached. Registered participants are notified at the latest one day in advance, by email or SMS, and offered another date if the same course is held later.

When an individual has completed both a theoretical and a practical examination in certification studies, the AOSH issues a temporary certificate which is valid for one month. The issuance of a certificate must be paid for before it is issued.

Notification of Absences and Limitation of Reimbursement of Course Fees

Notification of absences for courses must be received before noon the day before the course is to begin, unless an illness has occurred and it has been confirmed with a medical certificate. If the course is to start on a Monday, notification of absences must be received by the AOSH before noon on Friday.

Otherwise, the AOSH reserves the right not to refund the participation fee. Another participant may be sent instead of the one who is absent.

Absences can be reported to the email address and by phone 550 4600.

Please note that after the start of the course, the participant has committed to pay the full course fee and it is therefore not possible to have it canceled or refunded.

Union Grants

If a participant intends to apply for a refund of the course fee from their union, it should be pointed out that vocational training funds accept a printout of an electronic invoice from an online bank, together with the payment entry of the relevant invoice. The unions require that the invoice be addressed to the participant in the course.

Safety Terms

All data and information provided by participants in connection with the registration of courses with the AOSH is treated as confidential. Data and information are not passed on to third parties.

Laws and Venue

This agreement is in accordance with Icelandic law. If a case arises because of it, it shall be brought before the District Court of Reykjavík.