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Do you want to submit a suggestion regarding the working environment, safety or health of employees? Do you want to submit a suggestion about the AOSH’s services?

Please contact us either by filling out this form and submitting it or through the options provided at the bottom of the website. You can submit suggestions anonymously if you wish.

It is possible to request the protection of whistleblowers in accordance with Article 88 of the Act on Working Environment, Hygiene and Safety at Work. This is done by checking the appropriate box below. This applies when the suggestion concerns your own workplace.



Please note that the employees of the AOSH are bound by a duty of confidentiality regarding all information concerning complaints to the Agency, including the name of the person who directs the complaint to the Agency. Confidentiality remains even after termination of employment.

The Administration of Occupational Safety and Health will inform the person in question whether the information / suggestion has given rise to any action.