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Health Promotion in the Workplace

The AOSH, the VIRK Vocational Rehabilitation Fund and the Directorate of Health have jointly worked on standards that are intended to ensure that workplaces have good tools for creating a health-promoting environment.

The project Health-Promoting Workplaces is based on the same ideology as the Directorate of Health’s project on Health-Promoting Community and Health-Promoting Preschools, Primary and Secondary Schools and is hosted at Directorate of Health’s website.

The aim of the project is to promote better health and well-being of employees in the workplace, prevent burnout and reduce dropouts from the labor market.

Standards were formulated for health-promoting workplaces as well as a way of disseminating information to make it easier for workplaces to create a health-promoting work environment and thus work systematically towards a good workplace culture.

The website has access to an interactive website where companies in Iceland are given the opportunity to work on their own health promotion in the workplace.

Morning Meetings on Health-Promoting Workplaces

Since the collaboration began, AOSH, VIRK, and the Directorate of Health have held a morning meetings on health-promoting workplaces, where the emphasis has been on education about factors that promote well-being in the workplace.

Below are recordings from the meetings: