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Administration of Occupational Safety and Health

The Administration of Occupational Safety and Health (AOSH) is an independent institution under the Ministry of Social Affairs. It´s role is to prevent accidents and health damage in the workplace.


The role of the AOSH is to prevent accidents and health damage in the workplace. The current legislation, Act on Working Conditions, Health and Safety in the Workplace No. 46/1980, and a number of regulations ratified by the Minister for Social Affairs, cover workplaces on land with a staff of one or more persons. The AOSH is responsible for enforcing the legislation.

Main Tasks

Training and publishing

Courses for managers, safety representatives and safety managers, courses that offer licence to operate heavy equipment, machinery and courses intended for drivers transporting dangerous cargo (ADR courses); workplace meetings, lectures and instructions on health and safety in the workplaces; publication of the AOSH´s newsletter, various training material, instructions, posters and regulations.


The AOSH provides consultation regarding health and safety in the workplace to, for example, safety representatives, safety managers, foremen, other managers/directors and employees.


Inspection and supervision to ensure that the law of health and safety in the workplace and regulations are followed. Also, inspection of machinery and technical equipment, such as heavy duty transportable machinery, agricultural machines and lifts, for instance folk lifts, car lifts and ski lifts.

Reviewing, measuring and testing

Reviewing and measuring noise, pollution, indoor air in the workplace etc.

References and licensure

Providing references/appraisals on drawings of new and restored buildings and licensure f. ex. to operate machinery and technical equipment.


Research is conducted on the relation between work, working conditions and diseases, discomfort and accidents. Also, problems related to social risk factors are studied. These problems include mental and physical violence; mobbing; sexual harassment; exstensive work load; incorrect organization of work and monotonous work.

Main Contacts

  • Div. of Finance and Services: Jón Ingi Einarsson , Div. Director
  • Div. of Safety and Technology, Katrín Dóra Þorsteinsdóttir , Div. Director
  • Div. of Health and Environment, Svava Jónsdóttir , Div. Director
  • Div. of Machine Inspection: Heimir Guðmundsson , Div. Director
  • Björn Þ. Rögnvaldsson,  Lawyer
  • IT Department: Sverrir Gunnlaugsson, Dept. Director


Head Office of the Administration of Occupational Safety and Health

Dvergshöfði 2
110 Reykjavík
Tel: +(354) 550 4600
Email: vinnueftirlit@ver.is

Local Offices

  • Hafnargata 90, 260 Reykjanesbær
  • Stillholt 18, 300 Akranes
  • Hafnarstræti 1-3, 400 Ísafjörður
  • Faxatorg 1, 550 Sauðárkrókur
  • Skipagata 14, 600 Akureyri
  • Útgarður 1, 640 Húsavík
  • Kaupvangur 6, 700 Egilsstaðir
  • Eyravegur 25, 800 Selfoss


In the annual report of AOSH (ársskýrsla – in icelandic), statistical information can be found concerning:

  • Inspection activities
  • Occupational accidents and diseases
  • Specialized measurements and information
  • Campaigns
  • Information and training
  • Research
  • Domestic and international cooperation
  • Conferences and meetings

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